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The Unseen Power of the Almighty God

THIS huge round earth is sustained in its orbit without prop or pillar, by the unseen power of the Almighty God. Turning round upon its own axis with marvelous regularity, and moving through space with inconceivable rapidity, it performs all its movements without band or wheel; the hand which causes its revolutions is not to be discerned by mortal eye. Everywhere in the great, and in the little, the same rule holds good, the Mighty Worker is himself unseen, yet manifest and majestic is his presence. We are not to see nor to expect to see the Divine hand with human senses, but faith discerns it, and admires its doings.

It were well if anxious enquirers could be brought to remember this, for they too often look for signs and wonders, and cannot be persuaded of the power of divine grace unless they see or hear some strange thing. Now the facts of salvation are these: God hath accepted Christ Jesus his own dear and only Son, in his living and dying righteousness as the substitute for his chosen people; as their substitute, Christ has finished all that the divine law required, and so saved his people, and the Lord has revealed to us in his Word that those who believe in his Son Jesus Christ are the objects of his choice and heirs of all the boons purchased by the Saviour’s blood. The one question is, Have I faith? Can I trust Jesus? Can I give up seeing my own works and prayers, and believe that Jesus’ blood and righteousness can save me? Do I now rest upon an unseen Redeemer, and whether I feel better, or do not feel better, whether I see an improvement in myself or do not see a single hopeful sign, do I heartily and entirely rely upon the work of God’s appointed and accepted Saviour?

The world is safe though it hangs upon nothing but God’s word, and equally secure will that soul be which can dare to have done with feeling and doing, and can lay hold on the unseen energy of God’s love, working through the cross of Christ. The clouds fall not, though no great chains uphold them; and the firmament does not crack, though its arch is without a pillar. It is a mighty secret, to live upon God alone. Friend, I pray the Lord teach it to thee this day at Calvary’s foot, for his own name’s sake. Amen.

Spurgeon, C. H. (1865). The Sword and Trowel: 1865, 83. (Public Domain)

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