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The Angel Points Upwards to Glory

THE angel points upwards to glory, where the palm is waved in victory! The fiend points downward to perdition where the worm undying groans forever! Reader, your body will soon be in the coffin, and your soul will soon be winging its flight to heaven or hell. Angelic spirits will bear you to Abraham’s bosom, and you will sit down at the marriage supper of the Lamb, to enjoy forever the society of the glorified Church, with Christ at the head of the feast, shedding his glory on all the guests; or you will be hurled like tares bound in bundles to be burned, into a pit which hath no bottom, where you will cry in vain for a drop of water to cool your parched tongue, and forever will have to weep, and wail, and gnash your teeth in agony unending.


O, which shall it be? There is no middle course; you must be with Jesus, where he is, to behold his glory, or you must be cast into the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone! Jesus will either say to you, “Come ye blessed!” or, “Depart ye cursed:” he will either award you the kingdom, or condemn you to the place prepared for the devil and his angels.


O, which, dear reader, of the two shall be your portion? Sin is the easy road to ruin, you have but to follow it and you will meet your due reward. Christ is the way to heaven; whosoever believeth in him shall never perish, neither shall any pluck them out of his hands. Sin and Satan—are these your choice? Or does the Holy Spirit lead you to lay hold on Christ Jesus and his salvation? Friend sit down and ask thyself


Spurgeon, C. H. (1865). The Sword and Trowel: 1865, 69. (Public Domain)

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