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Liberty — Doing My Own Thing

Question: Ought I not be left to the grace of God in my own heart? Answer: That is of all things most desirable, since they are well left that are there left. Where all are left with the one spirit of Truth, they must be of one mind; they can't be otherwise. So that to plead this against unity is to abuse the very plea. Therefore if thou pleadest against the counsel and spirit of the Lord in other faithful persons under the pretense of being left to this spirit in thyself, thou opposest the spirit to the spirit and pleadest for disunity under the name of liberty. (William Penn)

The body of Christ in America is like unto a thousand rivets flying in close formation. A great assemblage of metal but hardly an airplane. Yet the enemy continues to enter into our presence unseen and deliver the fatal blow because we were in disunity for the sake of liberty! This of course is forgetting that the Savior prayed for us on the night before He was crucified that "we would be one" just as He and the Father are one. Did the Father not answer the Son's prayer? Or are we deceived into thinking that we are separate autonomous units floating in the sea of liberty?

Everything we are and ever hope to be is in union with Christ Jesus. He is our benefactor and example. The miracle of unity for which Jesus prayed means that we are one! Some would say that this doesn't mean "unanimity" or "uniformity" a great argument on the surface until you discover its roots in Islam. The questions should be: "Did Jesus think like the Father?" "Was He in complete harmony with the Father's will?"

The amazing gift of unity in the Spirit is important because, unlike the popular slogan, we are not an "army of one." The enemy, who is organized into "principalities, powers, and rulers of darkness," takes advantage of us at every turn because we are not organized but rather fragmented in disunity. The rather overt symptom of our willful disobedience! Where is the obedience of faith? Lost in the license taken of our true liberty in Christ!

So if as bond slaves we have had our ear pierced with an awl, then who has our ear? The world (satanic system) or the Lord Jesus Christ?

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