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Lack of Assurance

The second half of last century found many circles of professing Christians on the borders of the Slough of Despond. In many companies the full assurance of salvation was looked upon as a species of fanaticism or as carnal presumption.  Unduly occupied with themselves, ill-instructed upon the “two natures” in the Christian, thousands of poor souls regarded doubts and fears, sighs and groans, as the highest evidence of a regenerate state; but those being mixed with worldly and fleshly lustings, the subjects were afraid to affirm they were children of God.  To meet this situation many ill-trained evangelists and teachers sought to direct attention to Christ and His “finished work,” and to get their hearers’ confidence placed upon the bare Word of God.  While one evil was corrected another was committed: while the letter of Scripture was honored, the work of the Spirit was (unwittingly) dishonored. Supposing they had a remedy which was sure to work in all cases alike, a superficial work resulted, the aftermath of which we are now reaping.  Thousands of souls who give no evidence of being born again are quite confident that Christ has saved them. (Arthur W. Pink, Studies in Saving Faith, Public Domain)

It is easy to understand how we have come to the place where the church universal markets a false salvation and with it a false sense of assurance.  We don't want folks to feel left out of the greatest gift ever given.  With our western mentality we try to placate fears and misgivings with truth from the Word (which is a good thing).  However, the ministry of the Holy Spirit is assurance.  It is not for us to try to make folks feel better but rather to point out to them why it is the feel poorly.  If we doubt our salvation, there is good reason for us to do so!  It may be a true absence of saving faith, besetting sin or an enemy attack that would bring a soul to have such doubts.  These questions may only be answered by the "Earnest" who lives within.  We ought to remember then that Grace is dependent upon nothing or no one!

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