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  • Christian Military Fellowship: An association of believers who are committed to encouraging men and women in the US armed forces and their families to love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Bible study: A core value of the fellowship that emphasizes the importance of God’s word for salvation, guidance, and spiritual strength. The fellowship provides various Bible study resources and courses for its members.

  • Win, disciple, equip: The mission statement of the fellowship that describes its goals of leading people to Christ, encouraging them to love and serve Him, and helping them to grow in their faith and obedience.

  • Christian resources: The fellowship offers free books, newsletters, prayer calendars, mentoring, counseling, and training opportunities to its members. It also provides access to Logos Bible software and Faithlife Equip platform.

  • Financial accountability: The fellowship is recognized as a “Shining Light” ministry by MinistryWatch for its financial efficiency and transparency. It is also a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

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