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The Soldier's Preparation for Battle

The call to battle, the order to go to war issues from the Commander in Chief and moves downward through the chain of command until it rests upon the military unit(s) that will engage the enemy.  Unit commanders prepare their combat forces to engage and defeat the enemy with the goal of walking victoriously off the battlefield.  However, no matter how well trained their combat soldiers might be, no matter how advanced their weaponry, victory in battle will elude them if individual soldiers will shrink from their duties in the face of the enemy.  In addition to being sufficiently trained and well equipped, the combat soldier also needs to have the 'heart of a warrior'.

The same is true for the Christian soldier who would be effective for the Kingdom of God.

In the 17th Century, Puritan preacher and author Thomas Watson called the preparation of the Christian Soldier 'provocation to duty'. He further defined it as:

"Provoking ourselves to duty, implies an uniting, and rallying together all the powers of our soul, setting them on work in the exercises of piety. A man must say to his thoughts, "be fixed on God in this duty;" and to his affections, "serve the Lord without distraction." Matters of piety must be done with intenseness of spirit."

He then describes seven duties required of a Christian soldier who would deveop a 'warrior's heart':

  1. The Reading of the Word.
  2. The Hearing of the Word.
  3. Prayer.
  4. Meditation.
  5. Self-examination.
  6. Sanctifying the Lord's Day.
  7. Holy conversation.

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