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How to Pray

How to Pray

by R. A. Torrey


Chapter 1.       The Importance of Prayer

Chapter 2.       Praying Unto God

Chapter 3.       Obeying and Praying

Chapter 4.       Praying in the Name of Christ and According to the Will of God

Chapter 5.       Praying in the Spirit

Chapter 6.       Always Praying and Not Fainting

Chapter 7.       Abiding in Christ

Chapter 8.       Praying with Thanksgiving

Chapter 9.       Hindrances to Prayer

Chapter 10.     When to Pray

Chapter 11.     The Need of a General Revival

Chapter 12.     The Place of Prayer Before and During Revivals

Torrey, R. A. (1900). How to pray. Chicago; New York: Fleming H. Revell company. (Public Domain)

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Baptism With The Holy Spirit

The Baptism With The Holy Spirit


It was a great turning point in my ministry, when, after much thought and study and meditation, I became satisfied that the Baptism with the Holy Spirit was an experience for to-day and for me, and set myself about obtaining it.  Such blessing came to me personally, that I began giving Bible readings on the subject, and with increasing frequency as the years have passed.  God in His wondrous grace has so greatly blessed these readings, and so many have asked for them in printed form, convenient for circulation among their friends, that I have decided to write them out in full for publication.  It is an occasion of great joy that so many and such excellent books on the person and work of the Holy Spirit have appeared of late.  I wish to call especial attention to two of these: “Through the Eternal Spirit,” by James Elder Cumming and “The Spirit of Christ,” by Andrew Murray.

In the following pages I speak uniformly of the Holy Spirit, but in the quotations from the Bible retain the less desirable phraseology there used—“The Holy Ghost”—except in those instances where the translators themselves varied their usage.  Probably most of the readers of this book already know that “the Holy Spirit” and “the Holy Ghost” are simply two different translations of precisely the same Greek words.  It seems very unfortunate, and almost unaccountable, that the English revisers did not follow the suggestion of the American Committee, and, for “Holy Ghost”, adopt uniformly the rendering “Holy Spirit.”

Torrey, R.  A.  (1895).  The baptism with the Holy Spirit.  (pp.  9–24).  New York; Chicago: Fleming H.  Revell Company.  (Public Domain)

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