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In early 2009 I was in training with the Navy and in charge of a team of over a hundred Sailors.  Our mission was to conduct detainee operations in a Theater Internment Facility.  This particular mission is highly scrutinized and regulated due to previous transgressions in professionalism and displayed in the media.  The atrocities of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay detainee facilities are images that will reside in my memory for many years to come.

With the unit getting ready to conduct the detainee operations mission for the last time as we would be involved with training Iraqi Corrections Officers to take over the responsibilities, I had many trepidations.  This was my first time conducting this type of work in this type of harsh environment.  I relied on the Lord to carry us through the challenging nature of our assignment.


Lord, my God
Almighty Lord
Savior and healer
You reign
Entirely over the world.
All Holy is
Your name.
I take refuge in you.

I implore you!
Oh, Lord
Provide me with strength
To embody steadfast
Presence and leadership
To lead your children
Into battle
And harm’s way.

I am just one man
With heavy shoulders
Burdening the lives of many
And responsible for their safety.
Save and deliver me!
Allow me the presence of mind
And of situation.

Provide me with resources
The wherewithal
The training
And commitment.

Shield me from my enemies
Who are trained to harm me.

Don’t let me waiver
In strength
And leadership.
Do not let me
Compromise integrity
So that those in my charge
Benefit from unity
And solidarity
Of nature.

Hear my plea oh Lord!
I implore you!
Receive my cry!
Shroud me in your glory
Provide promise
And perseverance.

I rely on your grace
Every day
Every hour
Every minute
Every second
In foreign
And domestic lands
So that no harm
Shall fall on me
Or my men.

Let us conduct ourselves
Professionally and ethically
Train our counterparts
To the best of our abilities
Complete the mission
Turn over responsibilities
Return with honor.

I humbly implore you.
Shine your grace
On my mission.
Provide peace
And solace
To a troubled nation
And provide structure
And persevreence
To their efforts.

Provide for
Our safe return
Our safe passage
Weary and forlorn
To our families
With a sense
Of steadfast accomplishment.

In your hands
I place my mission
I relinquish our future
To carry out
Your wishes.
I am encouraged
By your love
And goodness!
I am emboldened
By your glory!
Ready and willing
To carry out your mission
For me and my men!
I bask in your grace
And thank you
For your love
As all things
Are your Creation.
We move
In your glory.

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