Ministry to Camp Lejeune

Dick & Sue Price
Dick & Sue Price, CMF Field Staff Representatives

Sue and I were raised in the heart of the Midwest, Indiana, and grew with the values instilled there. After our marriage, we attended a church which strongly supports missions and missionaries. On the closing evening of our annual Missions Conference, we asked God what He would have us do. Initially we were directed to minister with men and women who were all combat veterans ranging from World War II through and including Desert Storm and “minor” incursions not well known around the world. This ministry was closed to us after almost ten years as God asked us to move to Jacksonville, NC, and minister to young Marines and sailors at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune.

This ministry has evolved to Bible studies with young Marines at the School of Infantry, couples studies and mentoring in our home. We also continue relationships by E-mail, telephone and snail mail with young men and women who have either been deployed, transferred elsewhere, or released from active duty.

Our ministry also includes meeting and riding with Marines and sailors on motorcycles around the area and sometimes on trips around the East Coast. Our motorcycle is a great tool for contact and common interest. This, in turn, opens opportunity to share Christ.

One of the most difficult but also the most rewarding aspects of this ministry is that we are often viewed as loving and wise grandparents, parents, mentors, or counselors meeting an unfulfilled need. Developing trust and relationship reveals the real need — Christ.


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Dick & Sue PriceField Staff (910) 219-1107 
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Steve Blythe
Steve Blythe, Field Staff

Personal mentoring (by appointment)

Steve has been active in CMF ministry since 1992.  First as a member-at-large, then a Local Representative and most recently as a Field Staff Representative.  He has served in ministry at the many installations in the greater San Diego area over the years.  He is currently serving the Marines at Camp Pendleton as well as mentoring couples and individuals.





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Steve BlytheField Staff (619) 208-4571 

Ministry to Our Coast Guard Forces and Families

Vic & Cindi Primeaux,
Director, Coast Guard Ministries

Since settling in November 1998 on the western shores of Puget Sound, God has opened many doors to impact lives with the Good News of Jesus Christ in fields that are ripe for harvest with far too few laborers.  The Lord has given us favor with many of the military chaplains in the area, particularly with the Coast Guard and Navy, which are currently the focus of our ministry.  Vic is involved weekly with Bible studies and prayer groups at the 13th Coast Guard District Office and the Support Command in Seattle, the Bangor Submarine Base Dining Facility and Brig, and at least monthly at Coast Guard Port Angeles commands through their weekly prayer breakfasts.  Vic is also involved in one-on-one counseling, visits to cutters, trips to various commands around the Pacific Northwest and the entire West Coast, and leadership of our weekly home Bible study group.  Cindy leads a military wives weekly Bible study, and we’re both involved with telephone, e-mail and snail-mail counseling and support.

In all this, our Lord has extended much grace and encouragement.  We see so many more opportunities to extend the Kingdom of God while helping equip the saints in the military to lift up Jesus in life-changing ways within their commands, housing areas, and especially their own families!



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Vic & Cindy PrimeauxField Staff (360) 698-3748(888) 366-1720

Marriage and Family Ministry

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Bob & Nancy Flynn
Bob & Nancy Flynn,
Marriage and Family Ministry

The moment a husband and wife stop serving each other out of a heart of love and union, and begin to serve from a sense of duty alone, the sweetness of the union is lost.

The marriage tie then becomes a  bondage, and things that were a joy before are turned into crosses.  Hanna Whithall Smith, The Christian's Secret to a Happy Life

Have you already made the journey through marriage counseling and failed to see any real change in your relationship?  Perhaps you are ready to chart a different course and find a way that really works!  Are you up for an adventure that explores the length and breadth of God's amazing love?  Are you willing to let Him heal your heart and your relationships?

Bob and Nancy spent twenty-three years in the United States Navy, then upon Bob's transfer to the Fleet Reserve, joined the CMF staff.  Bob also serves as the CMF Chairman.





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Bob & Nancy FlynnMarriage & Family Ministry (303) 761-1959(800) 798-7875

Prayer and Encouragement Ministry

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Greg Holm
Greg Holm,
Director of Prayer & Encouragement Ministries

Greg faithfully orchestrates our electronic prayer ministry by transmitting in real-time the urgent prayer requests of our membership.  He is also our chief encourager who brings the hope of Christ Jesus to those who have been struck by the disappointments of this world.











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Greg HolmDirector, Prayer & Encouragement Ministries (970) 302-5665 (207) 467-3689

Quantico MCB Ministry

Udell and Janet Meyers

We have been blessed to have the Meyers ministering to the students and staff at Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida.  We continue to be blessed as they move to Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia.




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Udell and Janet MeyersField Staff (850) 549-3160 (703) 994-2939

Bible Study Opportunities:

Day Time Subject
Sunday 9:00 AM The Story (with DVD)
Wednesday 12:00 Noon The Story (with DVD)
Wednesday 7:00 PM Psalms
Thursday 1:30 PM Heroes of the Faith from the Old Testament.  This includes major Biblical themes—tracing these themes through the Word and applying them to our faith today.
Tuesday 10:00 AM 12:00 Noon COMING IN JANUARY Lifelike Studies. "The First Gospel—Mark"  Printed Bible Study, Unit 1, available upon request.



NameRoleE-MailPhonePhone 2
Pastor George BandField Staff (863) 701-6808 
Sunday "The Story"  (863) 682-7892 
Wednesday "The Story"  (863) 425-1876 
Thursday "Chronological Study"  (863) 701-6808 

Fort Hood Ministry

Carol Simning
Field Staff Representative

The freedoms the United States military has fought for and continues to fight for are precious to me.  I have always been in awe of people in our uniforms and am thankful for them.  Therefore, I count it a great privilege to serve them through the ministry of encouragement and discipleship.  I want to help our armed forces to learn or think about the God who loves them.

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Carol SimningField Staff (406) 360-0150